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anon is on

Am I the only one who is a single grown up (im 21) but do not wear make up everyday and does not care ?

Please I swear if you are like this answer me, like or reblog this post to make me feel less alone. Please !!

again !!!

ok so my cousin decide to talk to me AGAIN !! OMG I did not know she had so much thing to reproache me !!

She said I was back at a child only because I am coloring on anti stress book of coloring. like WTF?! I am doing what I want.

She said my clothes sucks I am not dressing like a woman. Excuse it’s my style. Skater or hipster style is mine sorry to not look like a bitch everyday and putting make up everyday too. 

She said I am still complaining about my health problem, I am always talking about it too much, etc…

She said I must go to see a therapist… Like no sorry I will not !

I said I can not do anything because I am stuck at my parents place, somewhere I do not belong. She said even if she give me money I would not be ready. Like WTF you give me money I would leave this fucking country.

she said i am in my world i need to open up. So if there is any american ccrazy about series please let me know !

the worst : she said I havent got real friends because they did not tell me what she is telling me right now. OMG they are my friend.

She said I my sister is so kind to me, never complaining about me etc… but well I do not care I do not like her end of the story !

well in fact she is saying that I am a beautiful person inside but outside I need to me more a woman,  I need to stop complain about my health problem, that I do not dress well, I am a kid, I am not open to people well the list can be so looooooong. 

EXCUSE ME YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME SO WELL BUT YOU ARE NOT, like we know each other for 6 years now and we only see like 2 or 3 time a years AND that the “lucky” year. Now I am just hating you.

My more powerful wishes is to go to the USA, to find my other half, have a job, a baby, a life and stop talking to all my family here ! It may sound horrible but it’s for my mental health ! stop trying to change me please !